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october, 18, london. i like cats, sex and cigarettes.
everything is terrible

omg this video i just found of me and my boyfriend

me: come lets make a sex tape!
him: …..
me: i just want to be like paris hilton. we can call it one night in october.
him: how many nights?
me: oh 31 ahahaa.


showers aren’t as fun without yooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuu
trying to make myself feel pretty before we go on the buenos aires pub crawl!
saying bye to my boyf at the airport ahaha
i don’t even know

just some penguins fucking shit up in buenos aires

this is how we’re spending our time in buenos aires
he doesn’t agree with topless tuesdays :(
i made my boyfriend take photos with me today ehehehe
love love love this new dress. also starting to accept the fact my body is not delicate nor skinny and never will be. but i got some curves in the right place so it’s cool :D
excuse the no makeup again but i’m growing out my eyebrows and wondering how thick i can let them go before i look like an angry italian man